Build Your Own Vegetable Garden

Welcome to Build-A-Bed!

You can use this page to plan and evaluate your current garden, or new garden you would like to start with in the near future.

Planning Your Crops

•  Use the following fields to plan which crops you will be growing in which season.
•  Start by selecting in which Season you are planning on planting your seeds.
•  Next step will be to choose which Seed Type you would like to plant.
•  A list will be shown based on your search criteria.
•  Once you have your planning completed, move over to Step 2: Feed The Family.

Feed The Family

•  This section will help you with quantities based on the number of family members.
•  In the Number of family members block, enter the number of people the crops will be grown for
(e.g.  If you are planning on growing to feed 5 family members, the value 5 must be entered).
•  Click on the Choose Crops button, and select Vegetables or Herbs.
•  Select your preferred Vegetables/Herbs from the results displayed.
•  You can also do multiple selections by switching between Vegetables and Herbs, when clicking on the Choose Crops button.
•  Once you are happy with your selections, scroll down and click on “View Results“.  This will give a summary based on your selections.
•  You can also use the “Download PDF“, to save your selection as a PDF document, to your device.

Soil Calculator (Optional)

•  The optional step will consist of your garden dimensions.
•  Make use of the calculation based on your garden shape (Rectangular / Circle / Triangle)

Plants Per Row

• Provide your row length and space between seeds and find the number of seeds that you need.

STEP 1:  Planning Your Crops

STEP 2:  Feed The Family

Select how many people you want to grow for, then choose your crops you would like to grow and we will work out for you how many plants per family member needs to be grown.

The numbers provided are for your initial planting and do not take into account what you need to plant for succession planting.  However, if you want to plant a crop for the whole season, then this is a guide on how much you need to plant per person every time you plant.

Excess produce can be traded, gifted, pickled or frozen.

Number of family members

STEP 3:  Soil Calculator

Want to know how many cubes of soil/compost you need to fill your beds?  Use the calculator by selecting your bed shape and measurements and we will work it out for you. Please note the measurements are in centimetres

Width: cm
Length: cm
Depth: cm

Result: Cubic Meter

STEP 4:  Plants Per Row

To work out how many plants of a specific variety are planted per in a row, you need to know the distance between each plant, you can get these distances for the particular plants under “planting instructions” of each variety on our website.

Please enter the following measurements below.

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