Organic Gardening Course

Organic gardening

Organic gardening


Demonstrations on the day by lecture and participatory demos and workshops with students.
Franchi Sementi Seeds, Linda’s original seeds and fabulous gardening products will be for sale at the venue!

You know that without healthy soil there are no healthy plants and no healthy people. How to grow your soil is of paramount importance. It’s the foundation of a sustainable fruitful vegetable garden.

Yes, we all know that compost is king, but how do you make it? Learning to make your own compost will not only result in the best organic compost your plants could wish for, but it will also save you money! It’s easier than you think.

Gardening is not meant to be a clean sport. Get in there and germinate your seeds to seedlings – nothing beats watching your baby’s grow from a tiny seed to a flourishing plant. No costly seedling tray purchases from now on – grow your own.

We’ve heard a lot about companion planting. It’s the best way to attract pollinators, repel insects and enhance the taste of your vegetables. What more could you want? All this done the natural way.

The science of vegetable gardening is what makes it a specialty. Crop rotation ensures strong healthy plants. It also inhibits the proliferation of insects in the soil. Once you’ve learnt this secret you’ll have mastered something really valuable.


Notes will be provided.
Tea/Coffee are provided on the day.
Light Lunch/Finger food will be served.
  • Date : 27 Aug 2023
  • Time : 10:00 - 16:00 (Africa/Johannesburg)
  • Reg. Deadline : 26 Aug 2023 12:00 am
  • Venue : Inner City Farm, Sandown, Sandton

Registration Deadline Expired!!

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