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If you’ve seen our fantastic rooftop garden at The Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg (if you haven’t, pop on over to our Facebook page and feast your eyes!) and would like the same level of gardening greatness in your own back yard (as it were), we have great news for you!

We are now offering gardening consultations as part of our services. For R550.00 an hour on ZOOM (a virtual platform), we will come to you virtually, evaluate your needs, and provide top-notch ideas, guidance, and gardening wonderment to bring the very best out of your organic vegetable garden.

If you’d like to see more of our work and to see what others think of our gardens, head on over to our Press page.

Please feel free to send your suggestions to us and we can start planning our library for future courses.

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P.O Box 383, Strathavon
Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2031

+27 82 365 0050
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