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The following instructions will assist you in making purchases on our website.

Follow the steps below to guide you on purchasing from our website
In order to place orders on our website, you need to register on our website as a member.
Once registration is complete, you will be able to purchase our products online.
You will need to login on our website should you wish to make future purchases,
you can also login during the Checkout steps when you want to pay for your products added in the Cart.

Click the button below, to start your registration process

Now that you are a registered member on our website, you are free to make purchases from our online shop.

You can still browse and purchase from our online shop without being logged in, if you are not a member of our website, an account will be created during the Checkout steps when you are ready to complete your purchase.

If you are a member of our website and not logged in, you can:

  • Log into your account by clicking on the “Login/Register” button at the top of the screen, or
  • Log in during the Checkout steps while completing your order

See something you like in our Shop!

Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button, to add the selected product to your Cart.

Your “Cart” will store all your products you are interested in purchasing.

Once you are happy with your products, simply hover your mouse over the “Cart” icon, and click the “Checkout” button.

You can also view all your added products, by hovering your mouse over the “Cart” icon, and clicking on the “View Cart” button.

When you are ready to proceed to the checkout process.

Simply click on the “Checkout” button, a new page with 4 Steps will be loaded.

Step 1 | Billing Details:
The 1st step will consist of completing the following information:

  • First & Last name
  • Company Name (Optional)
  • Country / Region
  • Street Address
  • Town / City
  • Province
  • Postcode / ZIP
  • Phone number
  • e-mail Address

Step 2 | Shipping Details:
The 2nd step is the Shipping Details, where your products will be delivered to.

Should you wish to have your products delivered to a different address, the delivery address can be entered here.

There is also a “Order Notes” section, should you wish to add any instructions/information, to your order delivery.

Step 3 | Order Information:
The 3rd step is the Order Information, and is VERY IMPORTANT!

This page will give a summary of all your products in your Cart.

You will also need to select which shipping service you would like to use for your delivery.

Step 4 | Payment:
The 4th step is the Payment step.

On this page you can select which payment method you would like to use, to pay for your products and delivery.

The payment options include:

  • EFT
  • Secure SagePay (Credit/Debit Cards)
  • SnapScan

After your choice of payment is selected, you will need to accept our Privacy Policy

And finally, click on “Place Order”

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order with Sought After Seedlings

P.O Box 383, Strathavon
Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2031

+27 82 365 0050
+27 87 093 0778


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