Baby Leaf Salad & Herb Mix


Health in a packet of seeds. Grown for salad, these leafy vegetables are paccked with nutrients and vitamins.
Amaranth is one of the oldest plants used for both it’s leaves as a cooked green and it’s seeds as a pseudocereal and ground into flour.
Beet family is a super food, loaded with Folate B9.
Lettuce is full of phytonutrients, and wild rocket both leaves and flowers are edible and seeds can be ground to add for flavourings.*

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Planting Season: Spring/Summer/Autum (Full Sun)
Harvest: From 6 – 8 Weeks
Distance between plants: 30 – 40cm
Dense Sowing: 30cm long by 30cm wide
Seed depth in the ground: 1cm
Edible parts of the plant: All leaves, Amaranth seeds too
Growing Tips: Sow the seeds abundantly in a seed tray or addition to yoghurt, or virtually anything else.
Plant indoors or outdoors in pots, containers or the ground, they need 5 hours of sun per day and regular watering.
Harvest the leaves when they are young for a complete salad or when older as an addition to your regular salads.
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