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Chillies are good for you!
High in Vit C and the compound capsicum which gives their spicy taste.
They are believed to help the control of lifestyle diseases like heart problems.
The heat generated by eating chillies boosts metabolism, which also makes you feel full quicker.
They are also a natural pain killer, and regulate blood glucose levels.

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Planting Season: Spring/Summer (Full Sun)
Harvest: 10 – 12 Weeks
Distance between plants: 30cm
Distance between rows: 1cm
Seed depth in the ground: 1cm
Edible parts of the plant: Chillies only
Growing Tips: Plant chillies in pots or in the ground when the temperatures are at least 15 degrees.
Water well and keep warm to germinate. If necessary start germination inside your home.
These plants require lots of sun. Pick the fruits often.
For balcony gardens plant in a pot 30cm depth & diameter or larger.
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