The entire coriander plant (also known as Chinese parsley), is edible but interestingly, the leaves and the seeds are very different in compounds, use and taste.
Patience is needed for the seeds to germinate. It is an annual and needs to be replanted yearly.
Called Dhania in india, Cilantro (only the leaves) in Spanish.

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Planting Season: Spring/Summer (Sun/Light Shade)
Harvest: From 7 Weeks
Distance between plants: 20 – 25cm
Distance between rows: 25cm
Seed depth in the ground: 1cm
Edible parts of the plant: Leaves, flowers, seeds
Growing Tips: The leaves are citrusy and fesh tasting, whilst the seeds are warm and nutty tasting. They produce different compounds.
The leaves are much higher in Vitamins, especially Vit K, and the seeds have many more minerals. When ground, the seeds lose their flavour quickly. When germinating keep the soil moist but not soggy.
Can be grown inside or outdoors in pots, containers or in the ground.
For balcony gardens plant in a pot 20cm depth & diameter or larger.*
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