Parsley: Italian Flat Leaf


Leaves are larger and flatter than curly parsley which is a darker green.
As most herbs it requires sun but can be grown in light shade as well.
Very high in Vitamin C and iron, so use it on just about any dish.
It is also an effective breath freshner.

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Planting Season: Spring/Summer (Full Sun/Light Shade)
Harvest: From 7 Weeks
Distance between plants: 25cm
Distance between rows: 25cm
Seed depth in the ground: 1cm
Edible parts of the plant: Leaves, flowers, seeds, whole plant
Growing Tips: It can be grown very well in containers and pots, or in the ground.
Italian flat leaf parsley originates from the Mediterranean region.
Flat leaf parsley is easier to wash than curly parsley and has a stronger flavour.
The stems can be included in soups as they also have strong flavour.
For balcony gardens plant in a pot 20cm depth & diameter or larger.
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