Talborne For Leafy Greens & Indoor Plants


Indoor Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Bamboo, Palms, Leafy plant beds, Ferns, Tropical, Atrium & Container, Gardens

Leafy Veggies & Herbs, Cannabis, Growing Systems, Container Gardens

Lawns & Turf:
All Grass types, Ornamental lawn, and Ground Covers

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High levels of amino acid
Nitrogen promotes the formation
of plant tissue and chlorophyll.
This increases photosynthesis
and energy for robust development in green leafy plants, lawns,
and ground covers.

Directions for use:

Feed to maintain attractive and healthy green leaves.

Feed from planting to harvest.

Lawns & Turf:
Feed from planting and every 14 days for established lawns and ground covers.
•Shake NOURISH before use.
• Mix 5ml per 1 Litre of water.
• Use diluted product within 6 hours.
• Apply as a foliar spray or soil drench. Suitable for irrigation systems, drippers, micro-sprayers, or fertigation.
• Feed every 14 days or as required.

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