Vermicast / Worm Fertiliser


Vermicast Shaker

  • 100 % Natural
  • Feeds soil
  • Sustainable
  • Produced by African Night Crawlers (Earthworms)

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Sprinkle life into your pot plants!

  • Vermi Shaker consists of 98% pure Earthworm Castings derived from African Night Crawlers
  • As a result of microbial activity, Vermi Shaker increases plant nutrition and mineral availability
  • Vermi Shaker slowly releases elements and microbes and won’t burn plants
  • Vermi Shaker Detoxes soil from harmful chemicals by increasing organic carbon levels in the soil
  • Vermi Shaker releases elements more efficiently
  • Vermi Shaker is easy to apply


  • Shake thoroughly around plants and veggies every 2 weeks
  • Use Vermi Shaker in Herb and Vegetable gardens, potplants and where chemical fertilizer has been used before
  • Vermi Shaker can be used as ordinary compost when planting or topdressing lawn
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