5 reasons to grow your own food

Ok, so we know that eating organic food is the best for you, but sticking to an organic diet can become expensive when you have to purchase organic foods from supermarkets and speciality stores, which brings us to our first point:

Save money

Getting your own organic garden up and running is easier than you think, and will certainly save you significantly on your grocery bill, not to mention that it’s a satisfying pastime that the whole family can enjoy that yields flavour in each veg that cannot be compared to store-bought equivalents

Its better for you

Yes, growing your own food offers way more nutrition than frozen, processed or chemically treated produce – you’ll also have full control over the growing environment of your food. Not to mention that getting outdoors is great exercise, and the plentiful sunshine will boost your Vitamin D levels.

Also, your food will taste WAY better than you could have ever imagined.

Protect water quality

Pesticides and chemicals often used in gardening filter through the soil into the groundwater, thereby polluting the water source of many areas. By going organic, you cut that right out and can rest assured that you’re not impacting your immediate environment.

Save energy and the environment

As mass-farming methods have progressed, they’ve become more mechanised, requiring large quantities of petrol to power the ravenous industry. By growing your own, you’re not contributing to this all.

Also, growing vast tracts of land with only one type of plant makes the crops more susceptible to pests and disease, resulting in an increased need for pesticides and chemicals.

It’s not as difficult as you might imagine

Contrary to widespread belief, growing your own food doesn’t necessarily require a large area of land, or plentiful space. Many veggies and herbs can easily be grown in pots on windowsills or balconies. If you’re into learning more about getting the most from your garden, we have regular organic gardening courses to provide you with all the info on what to sow and how to grow. 

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